The inimitable force behind both this journal and the conference was our editor-in-chief, Professor Brenda Leibowitz.  Sadly, Brenda passed away on April 26, 2018, just a day after issue 2(1) was initially published online.  Brenda was a force for good in higher education, and in her work, she sought out a higher education space that was more caring of its participants: students and teachers alike.  Her efforts were aimed at supporting academics – particularly young academics – to engage in scholarly teaching practice, and these efforts are reflected in some of the papers that appear in this issue.  Brenda was a friend, colleague, supervisor and mentor to all of us involved in SOTL in the South, and to many others.  It is with deep sorrow but also gratitude and pride that we dedicate the special issue to her.

Dr Zach Simpson, who worked closely with Brenda on the SOTL in the South conference, has been appointed the interim editor-in-chief.